“Pani; Women, Drugs and Kathmandu” a documentary to make a real impact.

“Pani; Women, Drugs and Kathmandu” a documentary to make a real impact.

I decided to direct and shoot “Pani; Women, Drugs and Kathmandu” to recover  the motivation and that naive ideal that my skills as a filmmaker could be actually useful and could make a real impact. A transformation, even a tiny one, on the audience and specially on the people that I was filming and that opened up in front of my camera.

TO WATCH THE TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/182729029

After what friends and colleagues think that is an accomplished career as video journalist with plenty of amazing professional and personal experiences, adventures, stories and awards that I couldn’t ever had dreamed when I was finishing my journalism university studies, I reached a point of kind of disillusion with this profession. After all what is success? A big position and lots of awards? A staff job? Or going to sleep everyday feeling useful and happy with yourself? Was worth it to keep sacrificing so much, taking so many risks and being far a way from home in a moment that Youtube gets more than 300 hours of video uploaded every minute?

A good friend told me that I was going through a “divorce with the media”. For so many years I was so in love with this job, and despite we all know how media and human condition are, still always wanted to keep having that naive ideal that our stories could be a powerful tool to bring a change, inspiration, hope, empower, educate and mobilise. But at some point I felt that I was not loving my partner anymore. Media was always like this and I did not realised until now? Or with time the media had changed in something that was quite far from the reasons why I loved this job so much.

Probably a combination of reasons; the fast transformation of the media, the economic crisis, the irruption of the smart phones and new technologies, are making a fast forward change that still mostly of professionals in this field are scratching their heads trying to figure out what is going on and where are we heading. Unfortunately when I was a kid I was not smart enough to become a doctor. Being a journalist and using a video camera I though could be my main way to contribute somehow. And for good or bad, looks like take a camera and tell story is one of the things that I know how to do it right.

But this fast speed changing times brought new possibilities that made me fall in love again with my profession. New storytelling possibilities and innovative ways to produce a story combined with social media could be actually a powerful tool and more independent than ever. Being on the field as well working in a story that nobody cares, and with again the aim to bring a real impact brought me back butterflies in my stomach.

“Pani; Women, Drugs and Kathmandu” documentary was produced with the purpose of having a real impact in the lives of the women that appear in the film, and also to help and inspire other female users that are suffering from their addiction on their own.

The documentary is supporting a crowdfunding campaign initiated by Grace Foundation in Nepal, one of the few rehab centres for women in the country. The aim of the crowdfunding is to collect enough money to provide free treatment for female drug users that want to leave behind their addiction but cannot afford any rehab treatment.

The crowdfunding campaign is using the platform GENEROSITY by Indiegogo.

Please access the website campaign, support #freerehab4womenNepal and be part of this movement by spreading and sharing through internet and social media. Thanks!





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