In looking for the right online storytelling, look for quality.

Nowadays, media outlets often broadcast stories that 15 years ago would never have made it on-air because of the poor quality of shooting, editing and reporting that back then would have been considered below minimum standards. Media companies are offering stories that, years ago, a news director would have thrown into the garbage and kicked the reporter, cameraman or editor out of the newsroom forever.

Simone Camilli death in Gaza.

I remember the first time I saw Simone. He was editing a video wearing a helmet in the border of Israel Lebanon during the War in 2006. His long and curly hair was coming out from the helmet. His handsome face with his chill out look. I remember he stared at me with a smile despite his eyes had the worry of being in an area that rockets were falling. We become friends and even the distance, he based in Jerusalem and me in Bangkok, we kept always in contact. Lots of Skype conversations checking on each other, how we …

Rohingya child labor in Myanmar.

Not easy to spend time again with a kid that has a horrible life of hard labor and that a foreigner with a camera will not make much difference in his dark future. Anwar Sardad, with only 10, inspired and impressed me with his strength, commitment to his family and his dignity. Instead of going to school, learning and playing with other children his life is about collecting stones from a river and carrying them on heavy buckets up on a hill. All day long. Can not avoid to feel a heavy weight on my heart when despite his life of a grown up looks with children eyes and say: ”I hate carrying stones. I feel pain all over my body. I just want to learn and go to school.”

The shadow of the Pharaoh is back.

Today I heard half sleep in the morning on the online radio that Mubarak might be freed from detention soon. Immediately thought on how it felt to be in Tahrir square on 2011. Was almost like a dreamed revolution to be covered by a journalist. Long term dictator pulled down …

Goran Tomasevic. Probably nowadays the best combat photographer.

  The first memory I have from Goran is in Iraq when I was covering the invasion in 2003 for TV3.  I remember I was in one of those horrible last bus tours organized by Sadam’s Regime for the foreign press that were in Baghdad. There was lots of restrictions and few times we could sneak a round. Mostly we were sold out to join the unexpected Sadam bus tours. Do not remember exactly where we were going and just remember that was a hot damn day. Everybody was tens because bombing was increasing and US troops were getting closer. …